ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution.
Getting and Installing the GIMP
HJSplit is a popular set of freeware file-splitting programs created by Freebyte! in collaboration with various programmers.
HTML-Kit is a full-featured, highly customizable development environment that can be used to create, edit, validate, preview and publish web pages and scripts.
They're back! PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released to manufacturing. They add fun and functionality to the Windows experience.
PngOptimizer [fr-en]
PngOptimizer est un outil d'optimisations de fichiers graphiques sans perte. Il accepte les fichiers PNG, BMP et GIF. Il convertit le tout en fichier PNG optimisť.
This is the new Project Dolphin, a project running to count the number of keys you type.
VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms (95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP), licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include ReplayGain support, low memory footprint and native support for several popular audio formats.